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About me 

Experienced Astrological Coaching Professional 

Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, unfulfilled or un-ANYTHING. Since 2000, I’ve been dedicated to my personal growth path where I have had healers, coaches and teachers who have helped me put together the methodology that I now use to serve my clients.  The saying “you teach what you heal” is TRUE for me. I help my clients break through the obstacles that keep them from what they really WANT in life. Astrology is the most natural tool that grants a permission slip to be exactly who you're meant to be! Through my astrological coaching process, you merge all the aspects of yourself into the greatest sources of your personal Power. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.

My coaching story

Helping You Move Forward

It all started with me looking at 15 years of journal entries and seeing the repeating pattern and deciding, “I’ve got to change this.”  And so began the journey, working with a few different coaches, healers and teachers, traveling to India (twice), and learning sound vibration (tuning forks and gongs), IPEC coaching school, and Debra Silverman’s Applied Astrology school.  When I finished getting certified in those 3 modalities, I knew I had my MAGIC formula to work with others on their pattern-shifting journey. I have worked with hundreds of people through these techniques, and watched lives shift, smiles get bigger and relationships thrive.  It is why I do what I do, every day.


My services cover a wide array to guide you on your path of purpose, love, fulfillment, family, and relationship.  From individual astrology readings to couples/family/business relationship readings to coaching packages, and sound healing, I work with you to custom design what best serves your needs now!  

I also fuse my coaching practice with facilitation of astrology workshops and courses for those interested in developing their knowledge in Astrology.  I have worked with HS sports teams (40+ members), to help them build a common language and understanding of each other’s strengths and how to work better on and off the field.

If you have any questions about my methods, or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.

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